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    Advantage of BBSA over Vcenter

    Deepak Rajput

      Hi All,


      Our Vmware sysadmin team are using Vcenter to manage Virtual servers. so i would like to know what are the advantage of using  BBSA over Vcenter.


      Can BBSA replace vcenter of day to day activity.


      Sysadmin are very happy with Vcenter and and they don't want to use BBSA. please provide USP of of BBSA over Vmware Vcenter

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          Shashibhushan Gokhale

          Hi Deepak,


          The power and utility of BBSA is not evident for small scale operations where VM management (creation, access, update, delete) can be easily managed manually. BBSA is a Datacenter Automation suite and becomes indispensable when managing thousands of servers. Its utility becomes evident in following use cases:


          1. Many organizations have created R&D cloud self-service portal that could be operated by VM end users 365x24x7 to create, modify (disk/memory/CPU), snapshot or delete their own VM's. BBSA lets you convert the whole process into BLCLI scripts that can be easily invoked with proper RBAC (role based authorization control). This as well as much more (granular management, service modelling, public cloud providers like Amazon EC2, network automation, etc) is available out-of-box in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management product.


          2. Even if doing manually, it is helpful to automate similar repetitive requests like create Windows or Red Hat VM where you could write scripts and achieve your results by executing a single command. This helps to

          (a) free sysadmins from boring repetitive manual tasks.

          (b) increase sysadmin productivity (more new VM's per day).

          (c) let them contribute to other tasks requiring their domain knowledge that are value-add to business.

          (d) avoid manual errors, omissions, etc.

          (e) eases sysadmin's already stressed out life .


          3. Besides BBSA has almost consistent look-and-feel in UI as well as BLCLI for all supported Virtualization platforms (VMware, Solaris Zones, IBM LPAR, Microsoft SCVMM and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization). Hence, a sysadmin need not be proficient in each of them for most usual operations. With minor modifications to same scripts, they could be used for VM management across Virtualization technologies offered by different vendors.


          4. If VM's are created using BBSA they can be easily integrated into other IT workflows like SecOps (Patching, Compliance, etc) which have become increasingly important in today's age with increasing instances of security breaches or Reporting (Inventory, data analytics using BDSSA). BBSA has out-of-box templates for several regulatory compliance standards like DISA, SCAP (defence), PCI (financial services), CIS (industry wide), HIPAA (healthcare) that are mandatory for businesses and enforced by government regulations. Using BBSA makes ensuring compliance and submitting reports very simple. The greatest strength of BBSA is automated auto-remediation which let users to configure steps to automatically fix non-compliant items.


          5. Many customers have integrated BBSA with Remedy ITSM modules like change tracking, asset management and have developed end-to-end workflows for resource request, approval, change scheduling and execution, asset tracking and other management tasks. It is available out-of-box in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.


          6. I am an R&D engineer and these are some things that immediately came to my mind. BMC Sales or Product management (Neil Karani, Rono Jacob or Akbar Aziz) would be able to elaborate further and add to this list .


          Hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions.




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            Bill Robinson

            one thing to note - bsa does not replace vcenter.  vcenter is still required to managed the vmware environment.  bsa integrates w/ vcenter and provides automation on top of it.  your admins can still use vcenter, and other people can use bsa to do things in vcenter at the same time.

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