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    Atrium SSO 9 - Midtier Integration Installation Error

    Bradley Murphy



      I am trying to run the Atrium SSO 9 installer on my version 8 SP2 Midtier server however I am getting the error in the attached screenshot.


      I did check the atrium installation log and found the following entry:


      (Nov 26 2014 11:12:05.863 AM +0200),WARNING,com.bmc.install.product.atriumsso.integration.ar.installer.validator.AtriumSsoIntegrationMtContainerTypeValidationTask,

        LOG EVENT {Description=[com.bmc.install.product.atriumsso.integration.ar.installer.validator.AtriumSsoIntegrationMtContainerTypeValidationTask.description],Detail=[Container server xml is not valid.]}

      (Nov 26 2014 11:12:05.894 AM +0200),INFO,com.bmc.install.product.atriumsso.integration.ar.installer.validator.AtriumSsoIntegrationMtContainerTypeValidationTask,


      has anyone had this before?