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    How to execute a vbe

      I am trying to execute a vbe script via  NSH package.


      NSH package contains the below 2 lines




      nexec ${TARGET} cmd /c "cscript /nolog o D:\test.vbe"



      One executing the job on a target, i can see a script process running in the target server. it just keep running and i don't find any error.


      RSCD Logs:


      11/25/14 14:03:19.568 INFO     rscd -  BP1LCSAP070 1292 BladeLogicRSCD (Not_available): (Not_available): The operation completed successfully.

      11/25/14 14:03:19.568 INFO1    rscd - 1292 BladeLogicRSCD@BP1LCSAP070->BladelogicRSCD@BP1LCSAP070:PrivilegeMapped (BLAdmins:sridm0@BP1.AD.BP.COM): nexec: > 01010 Execute remote command: cmd /c "cscript /nologo D:\QRDeploy.vbe"


      Please let me know if i am missing anything here and suggest any approaches.


      Note: test.vbe runs in a graphical mode and i am trying to execute the script automatically in multiple servers.

      I can execute the same test.vbe from command line without any issues.

      cscript D:\test.vbe