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    How can I show a list of active/idle/free WebService sessions?

    Yanick Girouard

      For debugging and troubleshooting purposes, I'm looking for a way to show all active, idle and free WebService sessions in BSA 8.3. We are trying to evaluate the capacity of BSA's web service and to tweak it to make Atrium Orchestrator optimal with BSA, and we would need this in order to do so efficiently.


      Is there a command we can use for this?

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          Bill Robinson

          Not in front of an appserver right now, but does it show in the status report ?

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            Yanick Girouard

            No it doesn't... Example:


            BLManager Version =

            Async integration = Enabled

            Maximum concurrent jobs = 20

            Number of jobs currently running = 1

            Number of work item threads = 50

            Available work item threads = 49

            File server root location = //blfs/BMC_Storage/fsroot/

            BLAST usage = Level 1 Enabled

            PropertySync = Disabled


            Hostname = whml24694

            OS Name = Linux

            Version = 2.6.18-274.el5

            Architecture = amd64

            Number of Processors Available to JVM = 2

            JRE Version = 1.6.0_37 from Sun Microsystems Inc.

            JRE Data Model = 64-bit

            JRE VM Name = Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM

            Maximum JVM Memory (B) = 3,817,799,680

            Total JVM Memory (B) = 3,100,508,160

            Free JVM Memory (B) = 2,695,518,952

            Used JVM Memory (B) = 404,989,208

            Maximum File Descriptors = 8,192

            Used File Descriptors = 297

            FIPS 140-2 Mode = enabled


            BLManager Current Time = Fri Nov 21 16:33:44 EST 2014

            BLManager Started = Tue Nov 18 11:39:56 EST 2014

            BLManager PID = 23806


            Client-Connections Manager



            Client-Connections listening on ports:


            Control Port = 9854

            Application Service Port = 9841


            Maximum concurrent connections = 200

            Open connections = 15

            Idle connections = 14

            Active connections = 1

            Number of client worker threads = 10

            Available client worker threads = 9


            Hosts connected to application server:


            Host,User,Role,Type,Idle Time


            (user info here)


            Helper Threads Status:


            Name,State,Time in state (ms),Additional Info


            Accept-Client-Connections-Thread,POLLING,0h:0m:7s953ms,Average polling time over the previous 100 requests is 102646(ms)

            Select-Client-Connections-Thread,POLLING,0h:0m:0s4ms,Average polling time over the previous 100 requests is 106(ms)


            Connection Wait Status:


            Average Wait Time (ms) = 2

            Queue Size = 0


            Client-Connections Worker Threads Status:


            Name,State,Time in state (ms),Additional Info












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              Yanick Girouard

              Is BSA Web Service using Tomcat's app manager? Apache Tomcat 4 - Manager App HOW-TO


              This would show us the info I think...


              EDIT: Yeah the more I look at it and the more it seems this would be the answer. I spoke to a colleague who manages BAO and SSO, and he was able to install app manager on his SSO server, and believe we might be able to enable it for BSA and BAO as well, so we'll be playing with it on Monday. If you happen to have an actual doc or notes for it, let me know.


              Thanks !