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    Bulk Update-CTM:People (Change Offline Profile to Non Support)

    Rahul Priyadarshy

      Hi All,


      I have very less time so i am posting this. Any help will be appreciated.

      Requirement is-

      We are on 8.1 ARS, ITSM.we have many profiles in CTM:People whch are in Offline Status. These are duplicate prfoiles that why its made offline. Its offline with Support Group= YES and there are few Support Groups Associated with These offline Profiles.

      We are trying to make the status as delete for these profile and then a hard delete to clean the data.


      Problem- I cant make it to delete status.   i need to change the profile to Non Support (using Other Function- Change to Non Support) and then save the Profile as Delete Status. Seems to be a lot of Manual effrt.


      IS there any way i can mass update this- CHange all offline Profile to Non Support atleast.


      I saw DMT and DATA WIZARD GUI i Dont see anything use fule there for this scenario.


      Any Help will be appreciated.