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    Unable to update permissions on Patch Analysis job as RBACAdmin

    Paul Seager-Smith

      Due a scripting problem, I ended up with a bunch of jobs with no permissions assigned to them on an 8.5.00 BSA environemtn.


      So, I logged in as RBACAdmin and went to fix the permissions. This was fine, except for all the PatchAnalysis jobs, which do not allow me to change the permissions:


      Finding objects to update ...

      ACL update failed Windows_Patch_analyse_Remediate - Access Denied PatchingJob.Modify on analysis-2003501-Windows_Patch_analyse_Remediate2014-08-24 13-05-30-670+0300

      Update permissions complete


      So it is saying it cannot update previous job result permissions.


      Anyone else seen this and know how to fix it (preferably without having to hack the BSA DB)?


      I have raised a ticket, but just wondered if others have hit this?