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    Remote host unknown by using repeater in BLpakage deploy job



      We have pretty slow network over which we are facing some issue while using indirect stage using repeater. We are getting remote host unknown error in stageing stage of the job.


      Same done using file deploy job using repeater works like a charm.


      Seems like repeater server cannot resolve the host since we use DNS at application server to resolve the host name.


      Can someone suggest me if I am doing something wrong here? below is the error


      Staging failed while copying from repeater abcmdkd.ejjedm.local directory /E/BLStage/blpackages/d9431cd1-8931-4191-8bba-5255e28b0eb0 to //0402-2.jhhkh.Cnn/tmp/stage/e0415357fb6b34a5897ebf2b646fb71b: Remote host is unknown