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    New connector for RHEV-M REST API to collect RHEV data (agentless)

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      In Service Pack 2 of version 9.5 released last September, a new connector (ETL) named "RHEV Extractor Service" has been introduced that integrates RHEV-M REST API for managing RHEV boxes without having to install an agent.

      The set of metrics that can be collected from the RHEV-M is different (while overlapping)) than the set of metrics that can be collected by the local agent. Therefore, there are three options for collecting RHEV metrics, depending on the metrics of interest and use cases to be supported: i) (agentless) connector to RHEV-M REST API; ii) local agent; iii) the combination of the previous options, that is both the connector and the agent.

      Moreover, since the set of RHEV metrics collected by the connector and by the agent partially overlaps, a specific parameter is provided for configuring this new ETL in order to specify whether all metrics needs to be collected (scenario i) here above) or only the subset of metric that do not conflict (scenario iii) here above) needs to be collected by the ETL.



      The documentation on the new connector is available from product documentation pages: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/bcmco95

      The attached document also provides additional information, including the list of metrics collected by the connector to RHEV-M and by agent.