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    Is it possible to rename a property instance in the property dictionary using blcli?

    Frederic Renaud



      We have a custom class that contains an encrypted property named Password.  We create new instance every time we need to change the password to keep an history. 


      Our class:



           Property name: Password

           Type: Encrypted String


      Our instances :





      The server object also has a new property of that APPLICATION_NAME class.  Therefore, if the server links to APPLICATION_NAME.current, we are able to figure out the password it should have.  If we rename the instance APPLICATION_NAME.current to APPLICATION_NAME.previous manually, the link between the server and the instance will be kept and that's exactly what we want..  It works fine manually but I haven't figure out the blcli to rename the instance.  We need this to automated the process in a job.


      This following blcli doesn't work, it is simply changing the NAME property instead of the name of the instance and would simply confuse people.


      blcli_execute PropertyInstance setOverriddenValue "Class://SystemObject/APPLICATION_NAME/APPLICATION_NAME.current" NAME "APPLICATION_NAME.previous"


      I haven't found anything in the documentation for PropertyInstance namespace.


      Any clue on how to proceed?