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    BladeLogic Job Performance Question

    Justin Dettmann



      • Bladelogic Performance running simple jobs:
        • We create a simple job in Jobs/Others/test_performace folder in Bladelogic.

      This has two jobs:

      • 00_JNSH_Call_Jobs_test_Performance -> Just make 4 consecutive calls to the 01_JBLP_Test_time.
      • 01_JBLP_Test_time -> Just record the start and end time.

      Based on that test the jobs take around 4-10 seconds to complete, but the running from 00_JNSH_Call_Jobs_test_Performance take around 5-6 minutes.

      What it is mean that for a productive job of maximum 40 seconds (4 execution of 01_JBLP_Test_time) we need 5-6 minutes if we would like to call one after another.


      We do not know if we make something wrong, or the database has to be tuning, or other action has to be done, but with all the deployments we have to do we should try to investigate this and try to find a solution for that.


      Message was edited by: Justin Dettmann I attached the logs for the result and another file called TESTTIME.txt that contains the echo of all the times saved during the execution of the test. This job will call 4 times to the job 01_JBLP_Test_time. I have include one echo of the time in any action that execute. The file TESTTIME.txt contains the list of the times obtained with the echo.


      Message was edited by: Justin Dettmann Code Attached

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