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    VM bare metal provisioning error.

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      I am provisioning a VM with Windows 2003 Standard OS, while its booting from network and getting PXE config and IP but later onit showing :: ""Error: Could not connect to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:9831. EC: 0, ES: No Error""



      although i have followed standard procedure for System Package creation and then executed the provision job.


      Kindly help....




      Shirish Katariya.

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          Bill Robinson

          Is the appserver you are handing out via dhcp listening on 9831 ?  can the target box connect ?

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            Hello Bill,


            I am provisioning two different VM Bare Metals for Windows 2003 Standard Edition x86 and Windows 2003 Standard Edition x64 Respectively, Now what happening here is:: for 32bit.... after getting drivers and started through PXE its again waiting for some file and their path (As it showing it VCenter GUI) but not sure what it is::: (Refer Screenshot for 32bit Win2k3 provisioning)


            And for 64 bit its not starting the provisioning process, as i have followed standards steps for both.


            Below Screenshot is for win2k3 std x86ProvError.jpg

            and further below are for win2k3 x64







            Please suggest work around for this.....