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    Extended Object For Windows Command

    Rob Slattery

      I'm wondering if one, the below is the most efficient way to find files on a server and if it is a recommended approach (path and files are known and never change) for a compliance job.


      Create a Windows based command file (exist.cmd) that searches for about 65 files; such as:


      IF EXIST C:\Rob\test_folder\sub_dir1\file_name1 (Echo Exist) ELSE (Echo Missing)

      IF EXIST C:\Rob\test_folder\sub_dir2\file_name2 (Echo Exist) ELSE (Echo Missing)

      IF EXIST C:\Rob\test_folder\sub_dir3file_name3 (Echo Exist) ELSE (Echo Missing)

      " "

      " "

      " "

      " "



      Create an extended object using (central execution) and just a (standard grammar file) with Command / Script such as :


      "/bladelogic/depot/extended_objects/exist.cmd" ??TARGET.NAME??


      Or, should I just create a configuration file with 60+ files?  Ugggh