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    Integration Service 9.6 Not Accepting Connections

    Manish Shetty

      Hi Team,


      Recently I ran across an issue at a customer site where Many Patrol agent's( 70 out of 150)  connected to Integration service 9.6 got disconnected.


      I Investigated disconnected Patrol agent logs and saw error "Patrol agent <host-name>  lost connection to integration service .i checked integration service logs and found nothing helpful.


      I Restarted the integration service and found  that agents which were disconnected got  connected once to integration service  and after a minute or two again got disconnected. Also in logs i could see agent establishing connection to integration service and immediately dropping connection for good.


      Also i did setup a new instance of integration service, tried moving all the disconnected agents to new integration service instance and i could see similar behavior again.Many of the Patrol Agents were still disconnected and few agents were only able to connect.checked logs and i could see same error where many patrol Agents connected to integration service initially and lost connection immediately.


      Need your expert help to trouble shoot this issue .Is it like Integration service cannot accept connections when many Patrol Agents are trying to connect Integration service at same time? or is it a sizing issue ?


      I have done heap settings and tuning  as per BMC recommendation.


      PFB details :

      BPPM version 9.6

      Integration-service Version 9.6

      Patrol Agent 9.5


      Integration Service Sizing details (VM)  :

      RAM: 8 GB

      CPU : 4 CPU



      Number of Patrol Agents Connected :150


      Looking forward for your expert help.


      Thank You,


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          Arvind Kumar Goswamy

          HI Manish,


          >>First of all, make sure that communication is fine between the Patrolagent and Integration service.

          Make sure that Patrolagent can be able to ping and telnet to IS and viceversa.

          Check with port 3183 is not blocked.


          >>Then check the pconfig ruleset whether its set to right IS and correct port:


          "/AgentSetup/integration/integrationServices" = { REPLACE = "tcp:hostname:3183" },


          >>Actually it depends on how many number of attributes rather than Patrolagents.

          So, please increase the maxheap size to 8192 and see how it goes.




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            Manish Shetty

            Hi Arvind,


            1> Telnet and Ping are OK,thats the reason patrol agent is able to make connection to Integration service before disconnecting.


            2>Verified integration service IP's as well.


            3>we have Baselines defined on Patrol agents to control the application classes on patrol agent .so number of application classes should not be the issue. (i have just connected 200 agents   with limited application classes enabled on patrol agents)


            And i already mentioned i tried to move 20 agents from existing IS to newly setup IS through PCM and it did no accept connection from all the agents.


            Thanks Arvind for your help


            Thank You,


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              EDOARDO SPELTA


              same problem here with BPPM9.6, ISN9.6, patrolagent 9.6 or higher.

              Did you solve it ? I'm about to set up a new integration server to move some agents too, but if in your case it did not work i'm a little concerned..