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    windows software package deployment and UAC

    Raja Mohan

      hi, in our environment UAC is enabled and enforced. The package is an installshield package which unpacks an msi uses a string of parameters to install. The software requires to be installed as "run as administrator".  we have attempted to install a software package on a target server using Installshield Package and as custom software, when the software is deployed it creates a batch file and issues a "-start -cmd" and executes the install command provided. The issue is this just goes in to a wait state when deployed using deploy job (if you right click and do analyze wait chain on target server we can notice it is in the cmd prompt from bldeploy) and i am presuming it is waiting for an interactive response to key in admin user/password. It just goes in to a long wait and the process needs to be killed or deploy job cancelled. The users are correctly mapped to a local administrator account (it is not default but renamed to something else).


      The same install command can be successfully executed when invoked using NSH script with an "nexec", the install completes successfully. How do we get the software deploy jobs executed in remote host (run as administrator) instead of standard command prompt and wait for user interaction? thanks... we ideally dont want to disable UAC. Any workarounds?