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    BSA Troubleshooting Logs

    Steve Cupp

      I am having a intermittent problem with one of our remote locations during job deployments. What "seems" to happen is that during execution of a batch job, the target stops responding to any commands from the members jobs, evidenced by the job appearing to be hung or just waiting for "something". This behavior also seems to happen more often when a reboot is involved, but not always. If I force a reboot of the target from say a RDP session, target will start responding again and the job will continue.


      What I'm hoping to get help with here is what logs to look in and where those logs reside. I don't have any real experience with the various BSA logs and what info each log would hold.


      Thanks for the help. . . .

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          Bill Robinson

          i'd look at the <install>/RSCD/Transactions/logs - bldeploy and bltargetmanager for the particular deploy, and the <install>/RSCD/rscd.log* files. 


          rscd log will have the connection from the appserver and the initiation of anything.  the targetmanager and deploy will have more detailed info about what's happening wrt the deploy being run.