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    Windows 2012 compliance job failing with SSL_connect2 error

    Chetan Gupta

      Hello Team,


      Windows 2012 compliance job failing while execution of extended object with error:-


      (component='templatename' (servername),selector= Extended Object:DomeinFirewallState)


      Debug rscd log have entry :-


      7b0cdd650803f226ac57 0000000044 11/12/14 07:48:39.565 DEBUG    rscd - 4812 BladeLogicRSCD@BSMBCCWSBAPP04->himanshu@BSMBCCWSBAPP04:PrivilegeMapped (EI_PAAS_AUTO_L3_ADM:hsangwa@office.adroot.bmogc.net): nexec: windf/read_a_pipe PeekNamedPipe(STDERR) failed: 0x00006d


      rscd log was added for reference.


      Any idea?