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    How to 'verify' multiple servers in BladeLogic Server Automation 8.2?

    S Crawford

      We have a significant amount of virtual DR Linux servers that have been enrolled in BladeLogic but have been in 'Not Responding' agent status because the DR network has been isolated until the DR exercise goes live.  When the DR exercise goes live, those servers are able to communicate with BladeLogic.  However, the only way to get the AGENT_STATUS back to 'Agent is Alive' is to manually right-click each server and 'Verify' each server. 


      We have tried running an 'Update Server Properties' job and choosing to 'Update Agent Status' in the job, but the job fails with 'Connection Timeout' error in the job log.  Same goes for the Update ACL job that runs against them.  We are able to browse servers and their filesystems in the GUI console without issue, but the status doesn't change. 


      Is there a way to bulk 'verify' servers so they can have the correct updated AGENT_STATUS?  This is affecting the ability to see servers in the correct smartgroups that depend on the AGENT_STATUS value.