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    ASSO SAML single logout

    Jayesh Panchal
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      I have integrated ASSO with Site Minder using SAML 2.0 and I am able to login in ITSM,MYIT,Analytics and Dashboard in Single Sign On.


      But there are some concerns/challenges for Single Logout as Site Minder version which we are using does not support SLO so I can not use SAML Sp Initiated SLO URL in agent logout URI.


      We can use the ASSO agent default logout URI but the challenge is it is not invalidating the application session as well as for ASSO. So even if user click on Logout button their session will be still valid and user can navigate into the same application again with the same session.


      So here I need to invalidate the user session from both application(ITSM,MYIT,Analytics and Dashboard)  and ASSO once he click on logout button and also user needs to be redirected to a common logout page.