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    I'd like to be able to be able to restrict viewing certain incidents despite agents having view all rights on incidents.

    Randall Thomson
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      The obvious solution is to shut view all off but we really need our agents to be able to view 'almost' all incidents regardless of Queue Ownership with one exception ,which are HR terminations service requests coming in which reside in their own queue.


      To allow all the agents to view all incidents they have the View All permissions set on their Profile.  So technically they can see everything however I'd like to make an exception somehow.  I could adjust the public list views to not show this HR queue but private ones could reference to it and dashboards or reports might expose the date.


      Is there some kind of other restriction that could hide incidents to agents with a 'view all' incident profile setting using a restriction based on queue, role, or even the incident name or category so that these agents could not open certain incidents?