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    Group Flashboard Results




      I am working on a flashboard that shows the number of tickets created by a support staff member during the previous day and compares it to the number of phone calls they received. I have two flashboard variables, one to pull the number of tickets and the other to read the number of received calls. Having both variables in the same flashboard causes two bars, one for ticket number and one for phone call number which is fine, but it does not group them. Is it possible to have the flashboard group the results of both of these variables by the agent's name?



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          Mohammad Rehman

          Would you share the screen shot, how you are trying to create flashboard variables and flashboard to display?

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            Here's a screenshot of the form and flashboard. Currently I have two flashboard variables. The first does a Sum operation with an expression of 'Tickets' and a Primary Group By of 'Name'. The second does a Sum operation with an expression of 'Calls' and a Primary Group By of 'Name'. This is what I currently get with both variables enabled. What I would like to have is the value of both variables that apply to Jon (the green and purple bars) be grouped together with a label of "Jon" under the grouping, and have the same occur with Mary's bars. It would be similar to the visual effect you get when you have a primary and secondary "group by" in a single variable.


            As a side question, is there a way to tell Remedy to stop choosing different colors for results and just use one color for each variable?



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              Mohammad Rehman



              Unfortunately the Remedy flashboards are not mature in my opinion. I might be wrong.

              When you created variables also add the secondary group same field you had in operation expression.

              see following screenshots.



              I have tried and here is the result.

              Stacked Bar Graph option shows: lower part is the first variable and upper stack is second variable in the flashboard list.


              When I changed the bar graph:

              I was unable to play more.

              You can play more to get the proper results.

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                That's perfect! Thank you very much.