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    Snapshot job Timeout

    Lokanadhan Karthik



      We have a snapshot and ETL job that runs weekly. But few servers get stuck in the snapshot job.


      How do we set the time out for the snapshot jobs? As of now we manually cancel the snapshot job after one day.

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          Monoj Padhy

          Select the job and go to properties tab as shown below and update value of JOB_TIMEOUT to what ever value you wish to set.(find an average execution time for the job considering no. of servers against which you run and add some buffer mins to be at safer side. )


          You define a time-out period for a job part by assigning a value to a job’s JOB_PART_TIMEOUT property that specifies a maximum period of time, in minutes, for each job part to complete. If completion of a job part exceeds this maximum, the system automatically cancels that job part along with all other job parts running on the same server. The rest of the job continues.


          Note:value you specifies in mins. A default 0 value means the job will execute until it ends successfully(infinite mins if it hangs.)

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            Lokanadhan Karthik

            Thankyou Manoj. That helped.