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    Server certificate error

      Hello we have an issue with certificate during recording web application.


      When entering to a secure site we are receiving certificate error: the security certificate presented by this website was not issued by a trusted certificate.

      When choosing "Continue to this website" we receiving "Internet explorer can't display the web Page"


      We try to use a Chrome browser but receiving error: "This is probably not the site you are looking for! You are trying to reach <server name>, but instead you actually reached a server identified itself as BMC Server Certificate…" 


      The main requirement is to use Chrome. So solving a the Chrome issue is our first priority.


      I attached word document that include screen shots as well.


      Any advice will appreciate.




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          Hal DeVore



          This normal and expected behavior.  It only happens during recording, not when you replay the script (Try Script or on the Execution Server).


          During recording, your requests are grabbed by the Recorder, saved, and then passed on to the destination web server.  Since, by definition, the Recorder would be unable to decrypt HTTS traffic destined for the actual web server, it has to set up a two-step encryption where the traffic from your browser to the Recorder is encrypted using the Recorder's certificate, then encrypted using the web server's certificate for the hop between the Recorder and the web server


          So the Recorder is, in effect, doing a classic man-in-the-middle "attack" on the communications.


          It isn't an issue for playback because there are not three parties involved then.


          You should accept the certificate and continue.



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            Hal DeVore

            I need to clarify.  My last reply is correct if you're using only server-side certificates.


            If you're using client-side certificates then there is a process you'll have to go thru to get your client certificate installed in the Workbench.  Check the Workbench documentation for that.



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              Thanks Hal for the prompt response!


              But my main issue during recording is: when accepting the certificate and continue we are not receiving the required application web site (we receiving:  "Internet explorer can't display the web Page"). So actually we can't complete the recording properly.  Maybe this issue related to a site Proxy (The browser use a Proxy.pac file)? If yes, what is the proper way to solve this?


              Please advise.




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                Hi Moshe,


                I do not think that the proxy is involve in the issue.


                You said earlier that you had to record the script through Chrome. In the screenshot you sent it seems you can click on "Proceed anyway". Is it the same result as IE ?


                Also, maybe you should take a look on the security option of your browser and disable all checks on certificate SSL.

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                  Hi Hal,


                  I don't remember the results of "Proceed anyway" Chrome (We make many tests...), but I will try to check this tomorrow.


                  IE browser security option is lock. Only security department can unlock it and this is not an easy task...

                  In addition, Is there any document that describe  which certificate SSL options need to unchecks in Chrome and where those options are locate ?


                  Any other suggestion?



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                    Hal DeVore

                    In general, allowing the incorrect certificate is a Bad Thing as it is an indication that you have not connected to the correct server.


                    However for TM ART, it is required when recording websites with server-side certificates.


                    I've never had to deal with a locked down system like you're using so I can't really give any more advice.


                    If you haven't already done so, you should open a support case.  And it would also be useful to search the Micro Focus knowledge base.  As you probably know, the TM ART Monitor Workbench is a slightly modified version of Micro Focus / Borland Silk Performer.



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                      We had this same issue with regards to what you are seeing.  try the following form the support site # ISS04352453 it corrected not only our IE problem...but our chrome issue.  Fixingin in Chrome was SOOOOOO much easier.  Email me and I can call and talk you through it if you want.  Very easy to fix.


                      You have to luanch your project.... then you have to make correction in your Browser settings for IE.  in Chrom, you launch advanced  recording ...and follow the steps provided, watch this video http://community.microfocus.com/borland/test/silk_performer_-_application_performance_testing/w/wiki/23063.avoiding-the-security-alert-dialog-when-recording-a-secure-website-video.aspx



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                        1) Update your workbench to have the latest patches installed

                        2) Import an intermediary certificate using Run --> MMC. You can google for the certificate.( Doesnt work for internally hosted apps)