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    Updating user with Manager

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      Pentaho job provided by BMC to upsert users from AD to SFDC doesn't take care of setting Manager of the user if it is going to come as an attribute of user object. In order to support this,


      I was trying to create a new transformation to update user object with Manager after initial user upsert has taken place. We would be getting manager email from AD as an attribute. User object has email field marked as "id lookup". Does anyone know how to update manager of a user through Pentaho, without having to resort to ManagerId and using Manager email to find out correct user-manager.


      Above thing can be done with SFDC APEX data loader, but wanted to know if and how it can be done using Pentaho without having to resort to SFDC Ids of user object.


      - Vijosh

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          Paul Donders

          Hi Vijosh,


          What you need to do is to create a lookup step based upon the email, like get id of manager and user where email = id of manager field.

          Next do an upsert based on user id to set the related manager id.


          I hope this makes sense!

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            Hello Paul,


            thanks for your response. As I had said in my question, I would ideally like to do this without having to resort to SFDC ids of user object. In fact, this is how I am doing it now.


            But with this, I have to export User (id and email fields) object and this operation can be quite expensive if number of users are large.


            You can achieve this through data loader by having mapping of the form

            Manager=Manager\:BMCServiceDesk__UniqueUserIDInSource__c or

            Manager=Manager\:username or


            depending on what you use to get User object for Manager.


            Ideally I would want to avoid having to use 2 tools for user data upload.


            - Vijosh

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              Paul Donders



              What I mention are steps within Pentaho. Here you can do this as well is one filw without the need of Dataloader.


              To describe all steps is a bit more complex, but hope the flow below will help.