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    Smart IT: You are not authorized message on end user login

    Andreas Mitterdorfer
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      Hi All!


      I have installed smart it 1.0 on my 8.1.02 system and configured an end user as described in

      Smart IT permissions - BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite 8.1 - BMC Documentation

      as Incident Master and tried to login to smart it uc ( http://<host>/ux/smart-it/#/ ) but always get an "You are not authorized. Please login as different user' error message.

      I can login with this user to MyIT console without any problem. I also tried other application permissions (Asset User, Task User, ...) and they also failed to login with the same error message.

      When this user gets Administrator permission the login works fine.


      Additionally a password is obviously required aswell (users with empty password are not accepted).


      Has anybody experienced the same or am I simply missing something crucial in the documentation? I'd be grateful if somebody could help me out here.

      Thanks in advance!