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    Problem with status in Incident Management templates

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      We are creating a better governance and structure of the
      Incident Management templates. One thing that I cannot figure out how it works
      is the Template Status.


      All templates are available independently of which status
      the template has when you type it in the search field for the template when you
      register a new incident. The template is not visible if you go in and look for
      it in the “Incident Template Selection” (which you get to by clicking the
      magnifying glass) unless it is in status “Enabled”.


      2 questions:


      1. How do we get a template to
        not show up when typing it in the Template-field without removing the accessibility?
      2. What do the different
        statues mean? (Proposed, Enabled, Offline, Obsolete, Archive, Delete)



      We are running BMC Remedy 7.6.04 on Oracle.