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    Updating incidents via email

    Robert Accardi
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      Has anyone else run into a problem with updating incidents via email where FootPrints mails you back with

      The email can not be processed

      Unexpected error: null.


      I might have the solution. It seems that the default email notification templates have this in their subject line:


      When you reply to this notification, you have to remove the period at the end, or at least move it so it's not touching the WS= value.

      I would suggest changing your email templates to not include this period and will suggest that BMC change the default templates, but I first want to make sure this is a good fix for the problem.


      Also, it seems the spaces in between "Ticket= ", "ItemType= ", and "WS= " and their values are REQUIRED.




      Rob Accardi

      RightStar Systems

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          Hi Rob,

          I am seeing the same behavior with the default templates. The issue does seem to relate to the Subject of the template as I have found that if I get rid of everything except [TITLE] Ticket= [TICKET_NUMBER], I can reply to email notifications without errors. I did try your suggestion but so far I still see get the error.

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            I opened a request with BMC about this and it is a known issue. I was told that a hotfix is in the works for this and should be out soon. I tried to remove the period too and got the error. We had tried sending the email various ways and haven't got any to work yet for us. I'll take a look again at some of your suggestions and let you know if they work for me.