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    nsh.bat or jython from a remote box, possible ?

    Narahari Lakshminarayana


      Running nsh or jli from a diff box.

      The setup in our company is that, we remote desktop into one of the Windows 2008 server and the BMC Automation Console is on that box and we develop our packages and scripts there.

      It works ok but since that box is shared with a lot of folks the BMC Automation Console slows down.

      Is there a way to do package development locally from individual boxes instead of being on the single box where all of us work now ?

      Can we install a subset of nsh stuff on our boxes and connect to the place where BL engine runs ?

      It would be great if we can use jython from our local boxes to talk to the BL engine and get answers back and forth.  Is that possible ?

      If this is something that needs to be configured from our BL Admins, kindly inform.

      Also can the remote box be a Linux box ?