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    some simple nsh.bat command line options help

    Narahari Lakshminarayana


      I am starting to use and like the nsh way of doing things.
      A few hints from experienced users on this will form regarding good usability will help.


      When I type nsh.bat on my windows box I am prompted for a Role all the time.  It is very annoying. Is there a way to pass the role instead of getting prompted ?


      How do I store my commands in a .txt or .sh file and pass that as an argument to my nsh.bat so I can run it from outside the shell, something like
      nsh.bat narahari.sh


      If there is a pdf that explains some of these please provide that info as well ?


      I tried nsh.bat --help but not much info there that I could understand.

      Kindly help and Thank You all for your time.