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    listing members of a group not able to find api

    Narahari Lakshminarayana


      I have the following commands that I run to get a list of all the BLPackages inside a DepotFolder.


      blcli_setoption serviceProfileName AuthServer04
      blcli_setoption roleName USS_DEV_Packaging
      blcli_execute DepotGroup groupNameToId "/CoolColumbus Workspace/PS/Paz3.0/auto_build_pkgs/v3.0.71-30"
      blcli_execute  DepotGroup findAllByParentGroup 2553833

      After the last command is run I get an empty list []


      The BL console shows "/CoolColumbus Workspace/PS/Paz3.0/auto_build_pkgs/v3.0.71-30" as a DepotFolder and then contens have BLPackages

      What am I doing wrong as which API should I use ?


      Please advise.