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    VirtualGuestJob: checking agent availability for too long

      Dear Community,


      We have faced a very strange situation when a VM is successfully deployed but BSA is checking agent availability for too long:

      10/27/2014 09:43:18Executing work item Virtual Guest Job:1414399077989_nlxsusecaf11_Linux SuSE v11x 64 Bits; Server:nlsmtms017.smt.ao-srv.com;  on application server: job_deployment_nlsmtms073
      10/27/2014 09:43:18Checking agent availability for server 'nlxsusecaf11.cde08.mgt'
      10/27/2014 11:44:21Enrolling Server in the Bladelogic Database.
      10/27/2014 11:44:21Licensed agent available on server 'nlxsusecaf11.cde08.mgt'


      From the BSA job deployment log:

      [27 Oct 2014 09:43:18,462] [WorkItem-Thread-4] [INFO] [SVCNL-BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [VirtualGuestJob] Checking agent availability for server 'nlxsusecaf11.cde08.mgt'


      [27 Oct 2014 11:44:21,623] [WorkItem-Thread-4] [INFO] [SVCNL-BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [VirtualGuestJob] Licensed agent available on server 'nlxsusecaf11.cde08.mgt'


      As you can see, it was checking agent's status for more than 2 hours!


      Do you know what might be the root of such behavior?