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    Secure String Job Parameter in NSH Script Job

    Cody Dean

      Perhaps I am over thinking this, or maybe it isn't possible, but here is what I am trying to achieve.


      I have a script written to change a password for an application on the target server.  I do not want to hard-code the password into a script, and since multiple admins will have different passwords, I wanted to allow them to create a job, utilize a Job Property that I created, which is a Secure String and call it from the NSH Script Job.  I was hoping to have it so the admins just created their own deploy job, stored in their work-space, and specified their application specific password.



      I have the script, ready to pull/decode the secure string

      Have the property "SECURE_STRING" created in the Job/NSH Script Job built-in property class as an "Encrypted String"


      I would like to;

      Be able to pull the value of that property from within an NSH script job


      Any advice?


      Thank You,


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