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    Remedyforce User Upload with Account

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      Custom field BMCServiceDesk__Account__c on user object is a formula field such as
      if(Contact.Account.Name == null, BMCServiceDesk__Account_Name__c, Contact.Account.Name)


      When you assign an Account to a contact through Remedyforce Administration, only BMCServiceDesk__Account_ID__c and BMCServiceDesk__Account_Name__c are set and not Contact.Account


      I have some questions around this

      1. Why does user object have both these custom attributes BMCServiceDesk__Account_ID__c and BMCServiceDesk__Account_Name__c and first one is not a lookup on Account object?
      2. When I try to upload users through data loader and specify either BMCServiceDesk__Account_ID__c or  BMCServiceDesk__Account_Name__c or both in excel file, there are no errors but account is not set.   If user already has an account assigned and now I upsert that user through data loader setting account works, but even there you can put in excel file BMCServiceDesk__Account_ID__c and BMCServiceDesk__Account_Name__c belonging to different Accounts it just works fine and you have a situation where BMCServiceDesk__Account_ID__c  belongs to one account and BMCServiceDesk__Account_Name__c belongs to another account.
      3. Same behavior is seen when you try to assign Account Name directly while editing User object and setting account name in "BMC Remedyforce Staff" section of user object.
      4. With all these, what is the recommended way of assigning accounts to users as part of user data upload? Surely, it can't be done manually.


      - Vijosh

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          kedar zavar

          you can just use  id of user  and account ids


          try this

          -Export id and name from account object using dataloader

          -Export id,username,BMCSERVICEDESK__ACCOUNT_ID__C from User object

          - Create a new copy of this file  - Map user id (external id for user) with desired account id in this file  and Delete other columns used for referencing like name etc,

          you just need  id of user and account id in the final file  run update on user object.



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            Thanks for your reply. I had already tried what you are saying. Let me still explain a simplified scenario I again tried.

            Exported Id and Name of Account object in a CSV using data loader, it looks like this


            "00190000016u66vAAA","Universal Systems LLC"

            "00190000015YMokAAG","Portal Account"

            "00190000015YMohAAG","Universal Systems LLC"

            "00190000015YMolAAG","Acme Supply Company"


            "00190000015YMonAAG","Global Media"

            "00190000015YMojAAG","Verizon Networking"

            "00190000016usdlAAA","Test Account"


            Exported BMCSERVICEDESK__UNIQUEUSERIDINSOURCE__C and BMCSERVICEDESK__ACCOUNT_ID__C from User object using data loader.

            We are using BMCSERVICEDESK__UNIQUEUSERIDINSOURCE__C field to match User records. It works just fine as this field is marked as "External ID" and is Unique. Export looks like this, showing only partial export











            As no account is assigned to user yet, second column doesn't have any value.


            Modified second CSV and put id of "Test Account" obtained from first CSV file.

            Did upsert using modified users CSV file using data loader. Upsert succeeds without any errors. But Account is

            still not attached to users.


            btw, I did same with ID of user object as opposed to BMCSERVICEDESK__UNIQUEUSERIDINSOURCE__C just for the sake of it but with same results.


            Do you see anything wrong here?


            - Vijosh

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              Figured it out. There is a separate Junction Object which captures relationship between User and Account. BMCServiceDesk__User_Account_Link__c


              Turns out, there are a few bugs in user edit screen section added by RF. See below

              1. Account Name here should be read-only. When you type an account name when no account is attached to user, nothing happens on save and when an account is indeed attached to a user, you can type even any incorrect account name and it gets saved.
              2. Issue of being able to type incorrect account name is also there in Remedyforce Administration->Manager Users->Clients
              3. There is no reason why BMCServiceDesk__Account_ID__c and BMCServiceDesk__Account_Name__c are not formula fields.


              - Vijosh