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    Best Way to Move Code Around Different Environments

    Edwin Lindeman

      Hey guys this is going to be kind of a broad question but figured I'd take a shot at it. Customer has 3 different environments. Inside their environments they have different BSA environments. DEV,QA,PROD. In each environment they only contain the servers that are respective to that environment. Example in DEV the only manage DEV servers via BSA , in QA the same and so on.


      In DEV they develop code and then deploy it to their DEV Servers only. 


      They want to understand the best or recommended approach from moving code thats developed in DEV to QA and eventually in PROD. Based on they way they have their setup.


      My initial response would be develop and deploy in DEV. Validate the code via their process then EXPORT packages/code to QA ......validate and do the same to PROD.