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    Agent Installer Job: Not enough disk space

    Ronny Jorns



      I like the new Agent Installer Job on 8.5 SP1 with the option to upgrade the agents!

      I tested it on Windows, Solaris and Linux und everything is working fine (Upgrade from 8.3 to 8.5 SP1)


      But now, on some Solaris servers i have the following problem:

      Error 23.10.2014 15:03:17 Staging failed.Reason: Enough disk space was not available to copy installer.


      the /tmp has only 2GB free

      the /var/tmp has 56GB free


      Is this Job copy the installer to /tmp ?


      The Staging Dir on the Server is:

      STAGING_DIR /var/tmp/stage


      where can I change the target directory from /tmp to /var/tmp/ ?



      Kind Regards