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    SmartIT Installation Issue

    Viknesh PS
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      I tried to install BMC Remedy with Smart IT and got an error during my last step. Then I have uninstalled this and deleted the SmartIT db.



      Again I tried to install this and received the following error.


      The Smart IT installer detected that the Smart IT Administration Console is already configured on AR System server: WIN-RKICP2FE1VK. It is not possible to overwrite it. Click Previous to go back and select the Existing Cluster option.


      I have two queries here and need help on the same.


      1. As part of the uninstallation, I am not able to find the files like 'workflow/OBO_API_forms.def' (https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/public/itsm81/Uninstalling+Smart+IT) in my server.

      2. What should I remove so that the Smart IT installer will not detect the Smart IT Adminsitration Console.

      Please let me know further logs/inputs needed.

      Kindly help me to troubleshoot this issue.

      Smart IT installation issue Smart IT Configuration

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          Sirjad Acharath Parakkat

          The uninstaller will not drop the database and delete the objects from AR


          To fix the issue

          1) Login to AR Server using Dev Studio and look for forms starting with MYIT. Delete all of them

          2) Drop the database and users that is created during Smart IT installation

          3) Rerun the installer and you should be able to perform fresh install




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            Viknesh PS

            I am able to proceed further, the installation started but getting the below error that leads to my installation failure.


            (Oct 20 2014 01:17:03.262 PM -0700),SEVERE,com.bmc.install.task.InstallationStateHelper,

              LOG EVENT {Description=[BMC Remedy with Smart IT & BMC MyIT failed],Detail=[productMyIT]}

            (Oct 20 2014 01:17:03.277 PM -0700),CONFIG,com.bmc.install.task.InstallationPropertiesHelper,

              LOG EVENT {Description=[SET PROPERTY FAILED_INSTALL_FEATURES],Detail=[productMyIT]}

            (Oct 20 2014 01:17:03.278 PM -0700),SEVERE,com.bmc.install.product.projectgalileo.ar.ARServerConfigureXMLTask,

              THROWABLE EVENT {Description=[Program execution failed due to return code 1025],Detail=[Program not completed]},

              Throwable=[com.bmc.install.utility.language.syntax.statement.extension.StatementDelegateReturnCodeException: RIK load application command file C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Smart_IT_MyIT\Smart_IT_MyIT\workflow\adf-myit8x-app.xml returnCode= 1025














              java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)]

            (Oct 20 2014 01:17:03.279 PM -0700),SEVERE,com.bmc.install.task.InstallationStateHelper,

              LOG EVENT {Description=[BMC Remedy with Smart IT & BMC MyIT failed],Detail=[productMyIT]}


            Can someone help me to troubleshoot this issue?

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              Sirjad Acharath Parakkat

              Please create a case with BMC support




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                Hi Viknesh,


                is your problem solved. Please let me know what you did.




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                  Viknesh PS

                  It's a license issue.. I updated the license key of AR system and it worked..

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                    Even I had the similar problems,


                    I deleted the Smart IT forms and re-run the installer but had a same issue. Then I observed, the support person has not correctly given the sequence for doing it.


                    One has to install MyIT first and then run the UX patch , reverse order gives the same error. Because My IT installers do perform check for My IT Administration , and if present ; it can not run in install mode (importing def files)



                    Sanket Mhatre