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    Device missing Provision option

    Steve Cupp

      Has anyone seen where a Device that is auto-discovered and imported into BSA is missing the "Provision" option when you right click on it?

      Brief history:

      - HP BL460c Gen8, upon initial PXE boot the devices were auto-discovered and successfully provisioned.

      - The servers were reprovisioned and after the provisioning job was created and run, the blade was PXE booted WinPE ran but the device never found the prov job, so it just sat at 3/16.

      - I killed the prov job, deleted the device, PXE booted the blade again, WinPE ran and the device reimported but without the "Provision" option. This is happening on 3 blades.


      It is almost like even though I delete the device, when the blade imports again it is using the same device object from the DB, but that is just a guess.


      Any help would be appreciated


      I have opened a Support Issue but no progress on it yet. - (ISS04377218, 2-High) for SupID:502497