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    Drift management reporting

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      I was tasked recently to show the benefits of drift management to organizational leaders.  I configured two comparison jobs to show configuration items (CIs) that we knew deviated from a baseline and CIs expected to match the baseline.  The comparison with deviations I could show management-friendly output with the out-of-the-box BSM reports for Drift report in Analytics.  I could not figure out a method to show the comparison that found no drifts short of going into the Drift console and showing the job log.


      First question: What methods do others use to convey positive outcomes of drift jobs?


      The Analytics report detail listed the drifts as expected, but only showed the generic relationship drift indicator for those particular drifts from the comparison baseline.


      Second question: How do you report the specific differences between the child relationship values and the baseline value?  As an example, how would you expose in the report that a related product on a CI was a different patch version than the baseline, assuming this was the reason for the drift?