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    Poor User Experience for opening/updating tickets

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      after hearing about BMC's new stragety regarding its transformation for the new digital enterprise at BMC Engage last week, i thought i should come back here and share my feedback on the "Issue Management" for the BMC Support website.


      The frontend lacks nearly all of the complimented characteristics of a modern and intuive UI.


      Some of our key issues are:

           - Only optimized for small screen-size

           - Due to all the wasted space, you don't get a good overview of the updates/history of your ticket.

           - No responsive design, which means can't really be used from Smartphone or Tablet

           - Very little filtering and reporting capabilities.

           - Slow Performance in all areas (this goes also for the whole KB section)


      I was wondering if there are any plans to freshen up the UX in the near future ?




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          Jesse Richardson

          Thanks Steffen.  We are planning to update the user interface for Support Central - both small changes that can be made relatively easily, and larger items that will take longer.  The Support site is used heavily by many customers so we want to make sure we get adequate testing and communication before making any large changes - but I think your feedback is spot on - it needs some updating and we are working on it.