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    How to disable SSL in CONTROL-M

    Varun Ivalkar

      Please share inputs if you have.


      I went thro SSL Guide but it has all configuring only, couldnot find how disable SSL in it.


      Plz help


      Thanks a lot in advance.

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          Mark Francome

          Hi Varun,

          Can you be more specific - do you mean SSL for the connectivity between the Control-M Server and the Agents? If that is the case then just go to ctm_menu (under the Control-M Server account) and enter option 5 - option 3 - option 2 and then you should see the "Control-M System Parameters". On page 2 of this you should see this if SSL is enabled from the Control-M Server -


          Change option 9 to disabled and restart the Control-M Server. I think it's usually disabled by default, so maybe you won't need to alter anything.





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            Varun Ivalkar

            Hi Mark,


            Thanks for the response.


            My bad, I was not specific..


            Well, if I disable the SSL the way u mentioned, will it take effect on SSL Certificates as well.?


            How do I disable the SSL certificates.?



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              Satyanarayan Pati

              For SSL Certificate disable, you need perform below.

              1. Please go to Control-M Server installed folder location and locate "ssl_setup" folder. and then "ssl_certificate_backup_<DATE&TIMESTAMP>".

              2. Run the setup.bat / setup.sh based on your environment.


              Above steps will disable your SSL Certificate and please make sure Control-M server installed directory should be accessible otherwise the executable will fail.


              Please try and keep me posted.