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    Notify Change Coordenator

    Sameer AlOmari
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      Hi ,


      can any one please let me know how to notify change coordinator after approving the change request



      Thank you

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          Saroj Sahu

          I think the below discussion will be of help here. Let know if the issue remains after going through this post.


          'Change Coordinator Approval Rejection' notification not launched

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            Sameer AlOmari



            i am trying to open the second post


            Change coordinator not notified when change is status = approved


            but it shows that i dont have permission !!

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              Saroj Sahu

              You are right. That is not accessible to all. So I edited my post.


              As such that post only had a similar query and no responses. So refer to the first one which may be useful to you.

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                Brent Maloney

                My solution previously was just a simple filter that fired on the status change.

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                  Saroj Sahu

                  Ok. Thanks for the reply.

                  As the ask is to have the notification fired for approval events only, so I directed this thread to an existing post.


                  As such, you are right, there may be different ways to achieve the need and the simple the better. So if your solution works fine for your business need, that's cool. If possible and Ok, you may share your solution in a little more detail too.


                  Also i think, if such a ask is not supported OOTB, I think this may qualify well for an Idea.

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                    Sameer AlOmari

                    Thank you


                    what in case of AD-hoc approval , i mean not all change requests mapped to approval process ,


                    so relating the notification to the status is not good idea (in Our case)



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                      Sidhdesh Punaskar

                      You can send non approval notifications to the users who are not approvers but want notification.

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                        Sameer AlOmari

                        Hi Sidhdesh


                        elaborate more please , i want the "approve " is the event


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                          Sidhdesh Punaskar

                          Oh. I think I said something out of context.

                          That was the notification when approval is generated.


                          However I have something else which I havent tried but it should work.

                          Go to AP:Notification and create one entry there.


                          I will test it as well and let you know.



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                            Sidhdesh Punaskar

                            It is working but dont forget to put the Mailbox name,







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                              Hello Sameer AlOmari,

                              Thanks for creating this discussion thread.


                              This type of requirement can be achieved with Add-On type Notification functionality from Approval server.


                              You learn more about this functionality from below link on BMC Documentation Portal space.

                              Defining notifications - BMC Remedy Action Request System 8.0 - BMC Documentation


                              In this particular requirement, you can follow below steps to validate if the Change Coordinator User receives the notification or not once the change request is approved.


                                  1. Create a new Record with Notification type as ‘Approve’ on AP: Notifictaion form

                                • On this form you need to provide the process name for which this notification event is applicable. (for example Change Level CI-IA - Review )



                                   2. Move on the details Tab and provide your preference, as this add on notification you can either select Alert or email

                                • On Sent to field provide the filed name which hold the login id of the user to whom the notification needs to be sent (Form example $ASLOGID$ - this field hold the change Coordinator user login id)


                                  3. Save the record


                              NOTE: With save operation the API call with create a new filter in your system, starting with ‘AP:Notify-XXX’


                                  4. Make sure this filter is created


                                   5. Now create a new change request and add a approval signature with approval process for which the above notification event is created. (for example Change Level CI-IA - Review )


                                  6. Approve the Change request and check if the Change Coordinator has receives the notification or not. (In this example Mary Mann)

                              Notification Message.png


                              If this configuration works for you, then you need to follow steps 1- 4 for all other remaining for Approval process from Change Management application (Namely Change Level CI-IA - Business , Change Level CI-IA - Implementation , Change Level CI-IA - Close Down  and Change Ad Hoc)


                              Limitations of this Configuration : This notification message is created with Notify action, and because of that it  would not be available on the change request Audit log /notification tab, as like other notifications on the change request.


                              I hope this information is of some help to you.

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                                Sameer AlOmari



                                Your hard Effort is highly appreciated . you explain it from Workflow perspective also

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                                  Sidhdesh Punaskar

                                  Hi Sevo,


                                  Try below and you will love it.


                                  1. Create an record in AP:Notification form as below.

                                  I select the notification for the process Change Level Ci-IA Review and Notify on Approve


                                  Select Method as Workflow so it will use ITSM notification engine and you can see this notification in Change Audit Log as well


                                  I created a new Notification Message tag



                                  2. Then go to SYS:Notification Messages form and create  a new entry as like below.



                                  Notification Message Tag  : CHG-APR-AfterApprovalNTForCoordinator

                                  Company : - Global -

                                  Module Name : Infrastructure Change

                                  Support Staff Event : YEs

                                  Notification Event : Approval

                                  Form Name: CHG:ChangeAPDetailSignature/CHG:Infrastructure Change

                                  Email Subject Line:

                                  Change Request #Ticket ID# has been approved

                                  Email Message Body

                                  The approval has been done for the change request  #Ticket ID# for which you have been selected as Change Coordinator

                                  Summary: #Description#

                                  Change Manager: #Change Manager#

                                  Status: #Status#

                                  Status Reason: #Status Reason#

                                  Impact: #Impact#

                                  Urgency: #Urgency#



                                  3. Then create an overlay of the filter "CHG:CSG:NewApprovalNotification-ParseApprovers-NEW-EQ1"

                                  and modify the run if qual

                                  Old qual: ('z1D_LoginTmp' != $NULL$) AND ( NOT ('z1D_LoginTmp' LIKE "%;%")) AND ('z1D_NotificationMsgTag' != $NULL$) AND ('Approval Status2' = "Pending")


                                  New qual:

                                  ('z1D_LoginTmp' != $NULL$) AND ( NOT ('z1D_LoginTmp' LIKE "%;%")) AND ('z1D_NotificationMsgTag' != $NULL$)

                                  We are actually removing the qual AND ('Approval Status2' = "Pending") as the notification only fires when approval is pending.

                                  Save the filter and test.


                                  I have tested it and it is working.




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                                    Sameer AlOmari

                                    This is really Very nice Sidhdesh


                                    thanks alot it is very helpful