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    Does anyone have a sample of how to setup a solaris jumpstart reboot script that can connect to multiple primary ldom domains?

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      I have successfully created a BSA jumpstart provisioning system for Solaris10 LDom domains.  The model works ok as long as the primary domain server is also my jumpstart server.  The BSA Reboot Script in the system package runs on the jumpstart server.  As long as my jumpstart server is also the Primary Domain server then the expect code in Reboot Script runs the ldm commands to look up the domain console TCP port to "telnet localhost <port #>" and issue the "boot net - install" command.   However, I have many primary domain servers and only need 1 jumpstart server for provisioning.  Is there a way to configure the system package's Reboot Script to run on different Primary Domains to connect different virtual consoles to initiate the jumpstart boot sequence?