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    Can Remedy consolidate multiple similar events into a single incident ?

    Sng Kheng
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      We are quite new to the Remedy and Truesight products so i'm not sure if this is a valid question....


      We are answering an ITSMP RFP and one of the requirements is that they would like their existing monitoring software , such as eG, Solarwind, Compuware APM, VMWare,etc, to trigger an events which will ultimately result in an incident ticket within Remedy.


      But they would like similar events to NOT trigger multiple incidents. Eg a monitoring system can send 10 events in a space of  5 minutes saying the network connection to Server A is lost. But in reality these 10 events are really about the same thing.


      I believe Remedy itself can't tell these 10 events are the same and thread all the events into one ticket.


      I understand BMC's Truesight Ops Mgmt can sit between the Monitoring Software and Remedy. And that we are able to setup rules to determine what are similar events in Truesight Ops Mgmt and then create one ticket on Remedy.


      Can anyone let me know if my understanding is right or if there are better solutions or if this is even possible ?