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    CreateProvisionJob issue

    Sorin Gancea

      I'm trying to create a provision job via blcli:

      blcli_execute ProvisionJob createProvisionJob /Provisionierung_SLES/Provisionierung_Jobs Provisioning_Job_vlt60983_20141016-120107 Provisioning_vlt60983 DBKey:SDepotObjectModelKeyImpl:2000073-1-2005413 NULL 0 file:///tmp/abc/input_vlt60983.txt file:///tmp/abc/target_vlt60983.csv

      Both files (input and target) are on application server and they have 644 permission. The NSH job runs on app server (linux).

      The command fails with the following error:

      Error    16.10.2014 17:03:48    Command execution failed. com.bladelogic.om.infra.common.BeanException: /tmp/abc/input_vlt60983.txt (Permission denied): java.io.FileNotFoundException: /tmp/abc/input_vlt60983.txt (Permission denied)

      No error is displayed in appsrv.log.

      Do you have an idea?