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    RSCD ignoring secure file options

    richard mcleod

      I personally think the cause of this is a broken installation and I would be better off just cleaning all the BMC products off the server and starting fresh but its worth asking about.


      Situation: Windows Terminal Server has RCP/NSH and RSCD installed

      ...something happened when I was on my honeymoon where the team had to roll back from to, from what I've read in tickets, the RCP install was hosed and they ended up just copying and pasting binaries from a working server (the console, nsh work).


      But RSCD doesn't work per our environment configuration (we use an alt port vs 4750), and by doesn't work I mean it opens up the connection on 4750 rather than our specified port.


      Some testing has shown that using only this line in the secure file allows the RSCD to open on the correct port




      But this config now breaks NSH, so we add the default line and restart the agent.




      Now the agent is running and accepting connections on 4750


      (11:11:51) WSH01:/C/Users/rm/tmp| netstat -an|grep 4750
        TCP               LISTENING
        TCP    [::1]:1166             [::1]:14750            TIME_WAIT
      (11:11:57) WSH01:/C/Users/rm/tmp| netstat -an|grep 2829
      (11:12:04) WSH01:/C/Users/rm/tmp| cat /c/windows/rsc/secure


      When we comment out the default line and restart the agent, it goes back to listening on the specified port: 2829


      I have the same config set on a linux server with rcp/nsh and rscd installed, everything is working there... Any ideas whats going? I assume RSCD has the 4750 embedded and something is tweaking out while its reading the secure file if there is more than one config line...