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    Use BL to install agent on non-windows (ID requirement)

    Vernon Whicker

      How to configure agent installs for non-windows using the bulk installer.  Trying to use a Centrify account with the Automation Principal.


      I have reviewed the documentation on agent install. We are trying to use an ID that requires the use of a modified su - cmd. Is this possible? When you run this configuration 2 Automation principles are required. The first would be the ID and password to get onto the box the second would be the password for the "SUPERUSER" when executing "su -". The account that we want to use cannot su-, instead it uses the "dzdo su -" cmd. This is where I see an issue.






      Please verify:


      The install needs to run as "root"

      The GUI install job prefixes the install cmd with an  "su -" cmd and expects a response from the second Automation Principle "superuser" to execute.

      The Prefix "su -" or "SUDO" cmd can or cannot be modified

      A local ID that can get to root with the same password is required on all targets