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    Let Your Voice Be Heard Online!

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      BMC is listening.  We have recently initiated an online experience improvement program run by the Customer Experience Team in the Chief Customer Office.  To help with this effort, we would like your feedback on what you feel are the most important online tasks you do with BMC and the ones that need the most improvement.  Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey and let your voice be heard.

      Online Experience Survey

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          Miles Escow

          Thanks Roger, this survey will provide us with some really important input for the program that will allow us to prioritize the improvements that we are working on to suit our customers. We want to be sure that we are working on the most important topics first and foremost.

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            There is still time to fill out the survey if you haven't yet.  We would love to hear from as many people as possible.

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              Miles Escow

              Following the survey and review of the results, the Online Experience program team would like to discuss our support website's navigation with our customers. We would like to improve the navigation options available on the support website. Topics we would like to discuss include:


              • Navigation mechanics (menu function, placement and appearance)
              • Entries in the header and footer of the website
              • Navigating from the support website to other BMC websites
              • And more!


              This topic is distinct and different to website search or documentation. Here we would like to focus on navigation in particular.


              Our ask of volunteers for this activity would be to attend a short 1:1 interview with one of our team at a time convenient to you, to learn about your concerns and ideas related to navigation.


              If you are interested in this activity please contact me ( miles.escow@bmc.com ) with your contact information and perhaps a brief sentence describing your interest. We will then arrange to contact you.