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    Middleware and Transaction Management

      What is the parameter for the retention of the history of transactions and what would be its maximum value in the Middleware and Transaction Management?

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          For performance monitoring metrics there are two levels of history data, High resolution and Low resolution. The High resolution data is the information collected by each agent during each monitoring interval. It is used to populate the graphs on the physical views in the management console and can be used in custom reports created using the BIRT Report Designer tool introduced in Middleware and Transaction Management V7. The Low resolution data is the summarization of the High Resolution data done at the end of each hour. It is use to populate the out of the box reports and charts found on the 'Reports' tab of the physical views and can also be used in custom reports. The parameters in services.cfg are as follows and can be specified in days (for example, 20d, 20D), or in hours (for example, 4h, 4H). The default is hours (h):


          By default, transactional history data uses the 'amount_of_hires_to_keep' value from the History_Service stanza in services.cfg (there is no low res data created at the transaction level). If you want to have a different retention period for the transaction history data, you will need to add the following to services.cfg:



          the values you specify will impact the size of the Middleware and Transaction Management database. There is no maximum value but because of the impact this has, you should be contact your BMM SC before making any changes. They will be able to help you size the database based on the changes you want to make.