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    SUSE Virtual Guest Job Issue

      I am attempting to use VMware Templates in my build process.  Everything works great for RHEL, but my SUSE version is failing miserably.  The main problem is the network is not getting setup correctly even though the settings in the VGJ are set to provide a static IP plus all other needed information.  The template that I used to create this image starts up just fine when converted back to a vm.  The error message during startup is:


           eth1     device: VMware VMXNET3 Ethernet Controller

           eth1     Startmode is 'off'

      Waiting for mandatory devices:  eth0

           eth0                    No interface found


      and when I login to the system through the VMware vCenter console and run 'ifconfig' there is no network setup.  Even if I force the network to start by setting Startmode to 'on', the network settings from the VGJ are not transferred to the vm?  What do I need to do so I can provision a SUSE 11SP3 server through a Virtual Guest Job?