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    gentoo64 boot

    Raja Mohan

      hi, if i boot using gentoo64 it automatically restarts at the end. Is it possible to shutdown or wait for restrart instead of restart before the pxe/kickstart starts?

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          Bill Robinson

          Yes, it should start bmi, talk to the appserver and wait.  I think there was an issue w/ bmi64 and later versions of the Gentoo install image.

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            Raja Mohan

            Bill Robinson should i try the 32 bit image? :-) I was looking for a way to logically interrupt the process before kickstart that will provide me with sufficient time to provision storage. Though i am not using any of the gentoo, It will allow me to boot the server let HBA's to login to switches, so can go ahead with storage provisioning.

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              Bill Robinson

              at one point the bmi64 would not work w/ the newer 64bit gentoo images due to some changes in the 64bit images.  what version of the install-minimal are you using?


              the 32bit should work though.  you could maybe put in a 'pre-install' script in the system package and have it sleep or something - how long does it take to provision storage ?

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                Raja Mohan

                The storage provisioning is implemented through BAO workflow, it generally takes few minutes. Let us say for automation purpose 5 minutes and want the blade to essentially pause during this period. If i used gentoo boot (normally we skip linux preboot and go directly to PXE based kickstart) it gives me enough time to provision storage. But what i really want is to ensure storage is provisioned, so the gentoo boot can either wait with a prompt before BMI or reboot or even actual shutdown of the blade.

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                  Bill Robinson

                  in the pre-install section of the system package, write a shell script that loops and waits for the storage to become available... something like doing a re-scan of the scsi bus, looking for a drive that meets certain conditions and then doing a sleep for 30s or something if it's not there...

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                    Raja Mohan

                    I will try that... thanks