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    Windows Provisioning Issues

      After upgrading to BSA 8.5, my Windows provisioning jobs are no longer working.


      2 issues


      1. I cannot create any new WinPE images get the following error


      Mounting amd64 WinPE Image to "D:\8500002-provision-files\provisioning\winpe\tmp"\mount

      error: 740

      elevated permissions are required to run dism.

      use an elevated command prompt to complete these tasks.



        2.  The exisitng WinPe seems to work ok the Servers boot into BladeLogic and i run a Windows system package job on the Servers, it installs the OS ok but the job doesn't finish and therefore the post-config job doesn't run. (Not sure if this is because i haven't recreated the WinPe after the upgrade).